Introduction To Slab Gate Valve
- Jan 31, 2019 -

A slab gate valve is a sliding valve in which the closing members are parallel rams. The closing member may be a single shutter or a double shutter with a distracting mechanism therebetween. The pressing force of the shutter to the valve seat is controlled by the medium pressure acting on the floating gate or the floating valve seat. In the case of a double gate slab gate valve, the expansion mechanism between the two shutters can supplement this pressing force.

The slab gate valve can be divided into a manual slab gate valve, a pneumatic slab gate valve and an electric slab gate valve according to the driving mode. According to the use and use occasions, it can be divided into sluice gate valve with diversion hole, slab gate valve without diversion hole, oil plate slab gate valve, pipeline slab gate valve and gas slab gate valve.

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